About Us

If only I could tell you an original story of how Maka Moccs was created, but in reality I'm sure it is a story that you have heard a million times before.

It was 2013. I was halfway though a degree in prop making at the Bristol Old Vic. Then - boom - pregnant. My 'life plan' had turned upside down, but I think I liked it. Fast forwarding 9 months, the same week I walked up onstage to get my degree, my own teeny tiny person was born. And, oh my, she was perfection! Of course the best thing I have ever made to date. I still feel humbled that my unconventional, unplanned journey could have ended up so perfectly.

With the birth of my daughter, I also re-found my love for all things crafty. I did it all, from mobile making to origami folding. Anything I couldn't buy, I made.

Unable to find any reasonably priced moccasins, instead I decided to attempt my own. I have to be honest: the first pair I made were horrendous! The soles were inside out, but I still loved them. Then the next pair was better... The pair after that, better again. With my little model toddling around in the playground, I began to be bombarded by other mothers after a pair of my tiny handmade moccs.

Every pair of moccasins really is handmade with care and love from my little workshop in Bristol. If you desire any custom designs for weddings, christenings or just everyday wear, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Good to know: 'Maka' means 'Earth' in Native American.